My June Empties

April 10, 2019

Someone asked me recently which I prefer; make up, or skincare? To be honest, I struggled a little bit with the answer. I love make up. I love taking the blank canvas that is my face and creating a new look. In a way I find it oddly therapeutic, although it is a little scary in a way quite how different we can make ourselves look...


ANYWAY. I’m getting off track, as I normally do, my answer was makeup. Mainly down to the immediate result you get, the short game if you will. If you think about it though, a good skincare routine will make for an easier time doing your make up. It’s far more straight forward if you have smooth, even skin, free from blemishes or spots to work with. As much is possible for us average humans anyway.


So from there I started to think over my recent empties, what I liked and what I’ll steer clear of in future, and thought I’d share my thoughts with you all. Cos ya’know, sharing is caring right?



Siskyn facial oil

I got this gorgeous oil in a Moi-meme box, and it was one of the items that made me fall in love with them. It’s a potent oil which makes it absolutely perfect when your skin is in need of a major boost. For those with oily skin like myself, I would recommend using in place of a moisturiser. For those of a dryer skin type, you could probably use it alongside your usual routine. It’s not just dry skin this oil helps with, within only a few days of using I found the overall condition of my skin had improved, and the fine lines I’m starting to notice around my eyes were visibly softer. This is certainly a product I’ll be restocking, but I think I’ll wait until the winter as I don’t usually suffer dry skin in the summer months.


Neutrogena visibly clear facial wash

I’ll admit, this isn’t the usual kind of product I would pick up in regards to skincare. Not that I’m a skincare snob as such, but I generally go for higher end brands. This was purchased more out of desperation when my oil levels got totally out of control and I was suffering with breakouts left, right and centre.


To give it credit, this facial wash did a pretty good job of removing any trace of oil from my skin, especially when used twice for a double cleanse. It maybe did too good a job however as I found my skin feeling quite dry and tight after use as it had stripped all oil away. This is a product I’ll bear in mind and pull out as and when it’s needed, but for my skin it was a little too harsh for daily use.


Nuxe dry oil

I’m a pretty big fan of Nuxe, and this dry oil also happens to be one of my favorite facial oils. Described as a multi-purpose oil, it really does work for anything and need not be limited to just the face. You can use it on your whole body, including your hair – although I personally only use on my hair the night before washing. It certainly helps that I love the smell too, to the point that I even brought the candle!


This is simply one of those products I won’t be without, so I have a replacement on its way to me right this moment.


Loreal Fine Flowers Gel Cream Wash

This is another product I picked up during a weekly shop and the idea was actually use it as my second cleanse to put some moisture back into my skin after using the Neutrogena wash for my first cleanse. It worked pretty well in conjunction to the comparatively harsher product, and did well to rebalance my skin.


It didn’t really work on its own though. Even after using two or even three times, my skin didn’t really feel clean, or at least not to the level I wanted. Despite my best efforts, and even when combined with an exfoliator, I still felt like my skin had quite a lot of texture to it, which even showed through my foundation. I can’t say this is something I’ll be getting again.


Loreal Age Perfect Micellar Water

For the initial removal of my makeup I typically turn to one Micellar water or another and only happened to turn to the age perfect version because it was the one on roll back. It does a good job of removing the worst of my makeup, but I don’t feel it performed any differently to any other variation of the product I’ve tried.


I can’t say there is anything about this product that makes it an obvious choice for fighting the signs of aging. Perhaps it’s more gentle on the skin? Either way, I’ll re-purchase if it happens to be the cheaper of the range, but I won’t go out of my way to buy over the regular version.


Nakin Face Serum

This is another discovery made thanks to Moi-meme, and have absolutely loved it. I got it back at the start of the year, but as you need very little it’s lasted me absolutely ages. I’ve been using this in place of moisturiser, and have found its improved fine lines, especially on my forehead. If my skin has been particularly dry, it has needed a tiny boost with the help of some facial oil, but it’s been great at keeping my oil levels under control. I was genuinely sad for this to run out.




There are certainly products I’ve tried over the last few months that I’m glad to see the end of, and others that I’ve loved and will be restocking as I can. It’s been nice in a way to actually get to the bottom of products, rather than do what I usually do and have loads on the go at the same time and lose track of what has and hasn’t expired. I’ve had a pretty thorough clear out of my skincare draw as well, which has opened up plenty of room for more purchases to try!


What are your favourite products at the moment? Any suggestions of what I should try next?


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