May 2019 Lookback

May 31, 2019

Welcome to June everyone! Can you believe we’re half way through the year already?! I mean really, where has the time gone? 


Following my slight slump in April where I felt a little down in the dumps, May turned out to be an all-round much more positive month, which I feel the slightly better weather contributed to greatly – even if it was fairly unpredictable and sporadic. I genuinely think I’m one of those people who gets a little sad over the winter months when the sun hides away from us, and I certainly feel my mood start to lift when it makes an appearance again in the Spring. 



With the weather starting to improve, this month saw a little more social interaction outside. We had a day out at the Norfolk Broads for a pub lunch, where I spent pretty much the whole time basking in the glorious sunshine – until I got distracted by food of course. On the occasion we’ve had sunny evenings my friend Katie and I have continued on our little wonders in and around the woodland we live near. Personally I’ve found the silence and tranquillity of just walking around in the lovely scenery and fresh air to be hugely beneficial to my stress levels. Even if I do spend half the time goofing around! 



I also got to catch up with a really old friend, who I haven’t seen for far, far too long. We used to be really close, going out for dinner, coffee or some kind of outing together at least twice a week, and I used to spend a lot of time at hers in between. We only really fell out of our routine after I moved out of the area having broken up with my boyfriend at the time. He and I had parted on somewhat negative terms, and as I’d met her as part of his group of friends it got awkward not to mention logistically difficult for all involved. Trying to arrange social events where only one or the other could go put unnecessary pressure on everyone, and it only got worse when he started hacking my phone to read my messages, or on a few occasions snoop on my location through the find my iPhone function! As I’m sure you’ll apricate, it wasn’t the best of times and so to try and avoid him I ended up stepping away from that group entirely. 


Anyway. We went to our old haunt, ‘The Stag’ which is just outside of Attleborough and our old table was even free! We spent hours and hours chatting away, reminiscing, and catching up on life in general. It was really lovely, and we’ll be making our catch ups a lot more regular which I’m looking forward to. 


While on the topic of catch ups… this month did come with some development as far as my family are concerned. Whilst there has certainly been an element of tension, my Mum and I have been back in contact for a while now. In the middle of the month she asked that I come round for dinner and try to patch things up with my Dad, who I’ve not seen and barely spoken to since around August last year. There were a few messages exchanged via text between last year and now, but when he’d started to get passive aggressive I’d blocked the number. 


There were a lot of factors, that I won’t go into, but I knew at the time that I did still want to try to have a relationship with him. Even if it ended up a failed attempt I wanted to have at least one last go at trying to fix, or at the very least improve things. Just so long as we could set our boundaries with each other, and establish what was and wasn’t ok going forward. So, I agreed to visit.

It actually went really well, and we had a very balanced and civil conversation. By the end of the evening we were chatting away quite happily. Obviously there’s a little more work until things settle completely, but this is a massive step in the right direction and we’ll be catching up again on a more regular basis. 


Mike and I have finally got enough money together to start planning our wedding! We’ve decided to do the legal side here in the UK, as its far cheaper, easier and we can keep it very small, which is what we both want. We’ll be fully embracing our nostalgia and having the ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee. 


When we went travelling around America one of the places we visited was Nashville, mainly because we both love country music, plus its well placed for the Jack Daniels distillery. We had a fantastic time (and even met Frank Ray in a bar not realising who he was for a good hour or so!) and ended up absolutely falling in love with the place. To the point that it felt like home even for the relatively short time we were there. We adored it so much, we’ve decided we want to go back there to get married, and have started searching for venues for next year. 


I had a slight change in role at work, which is still brand new. I already feel however that its much better suited to my skill set, and fits what I want out of my job. Since changing I’ve already felt happier, and it just goes to show how vital communication is, especially when it comes to the work place. There’s no point complaining about a job to your friends, or on social media if you aren’t willing to sit down and talk about what you want and need. Granted, I had a positive outcome, but had I got a ‘no’ at least at that point I’ve already laid my cards on the table, and am being open and transparent. 


This will actually be happening in June, but, I’ve booked my CBT! It’s actually an early birthday present from my friends, and I’ve already decided that if I take to it, I’ll go straight into the full test to enable me to ride a bigger bike. It will mean sitting a theory test and two practical tests, but I know I’d feel like I’m doing things by halves if I stay limited to the basic licence. Plus, who wants to have to wear L plates all the time?!

I say this, but there’s every chance in the world I’ll be absolutely terrible at it, and not pursue it any further! 



It’s been a very enjoyable May, but I’m excited for what June will bring.

How was your May? What did you get up to?

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