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May 22, 2019

Those of you who frequent my posts often will probably know already that I’ve fallen head over heels in love for the Moi-meme quarterly boxes. Without fail they’ve been full to the brim with beautiful quality products, always consistent with the chosen theme of that particular box. To date there hasn’t been a single box I haven’t loved, with my only gripe being that I had to wait a whole 3 months in between boxes… until now.

Following lots of similar feedback from many of their other subscribers, Moi-meme have launched a mini version of their box, and this one is monthly! At £19.95 a month obviously I jumped straight on the chance of a more regular Moi-meme fix and signed up immediately. As the last few months have been rather lacklustre, this does mean that I’ve cancelled my monthly Birchbox, and will be replacing it with this one. 


The monthly box promised to contain one lifestyle item, a beauty item and a yummy treat. For the time being, the monthly boxes aren’t personalised like the quarterly version is, but given their track record for really listening to their customers, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is introduced later.

So, enough babbling from my lets get into the Botanical Box!

Watercolour Floral Scarf
This beautifully light weight scarf is simply perfect for this time of year, when the weather can’t quite seem to make up its mind. There were a lot more subscribers to the monthly box than had been anticipated, so a few will have had slightly different designs. Mine is a pretty combination of pink, peach, blue and green, in seasonal pastel shades.

Rose Facial Mask – Farryn Amber
I was immediately intrigued when this emerged from within my box, as this face mask is actually in powder form. The powder is a fine blend of clay, activated charcoal, green tea extract, rose petals and wild kelp, all of which are known for their detoxifying and hydrating properties. 


To create a mask, you just mix a small amount of water with the powder to your desired consistency. At that point you apply like a normal clay mask and rinse before the mask dried. I kept mine on for around 5 minutes, and mixed with warm water to help open my pores to allow my skin to absorb all of the goodness the mask has to offer. After rinsing the mask off my skin felt clean and wonderfully soft. I’ve ended up with slight redness with pretty much every mask I’ve ever used, other thank this one. My skin was happy and in no way raw or agitated. I also found the following morning that when I woke I didn’t have as much of an oil build up on my skin as I usually do.

Geranium Botanical Bar – Kacao Chocolatier
As I’ve probably made clear whenever its been mentioned; I love chocolate. To be fair, I love food in general, but it’s safe to say that I do have a major sweet tooth. I’m that person who buys a pack of cakes and shamelessly eats them all in a sitting. So naturally I was ecstatic to find chocolate in my box. 


What better for a Botanical themed box than a botanical bar hey?! This bar being handmade in the lovely Yorkshire, and infused with a floral Geranium essential oil. The inspiration for the flavours chosen by Kacao are drawn from the founders travels in central South America, making them far more unique than anything I’d think to pick off the shelf for myself.

This chocolate bar was absolutely delicious, and wasn’t at all overly floral. I’m not ashamed to admit that I ate it all in one sitting…

As you can probably tell, I was really pleased with the first edition of the monthly box and I’m already excited to see what’s in store for June.

Being the lovely person that I am, I thought I’d celebrate with a little treat for you all. Moi-meme have been kind enough to give me a special discount code for you all, for £5 off their beautiful monthly box. At checkout simply enter the code: EMSWORLD 

Did you get the first monthly box? What did you think? 

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