April 2019 Lookback

May 1, 2019

Much like the rest of the year, this month has shot by, although I still firmly maintain the mantra that if time is flying, it must be because you are having fun. I’ve been up to a little more this month, and with the weather slowly improving its only going to get better from here.

Vegan and Yoga festival
If you’ve not already seen, my friend Katie and I attended the Norwich Vegan and Yoga festival together as part of one of her birthday presents. Not being vegan myself it was interesting to try all the different foods available, some of which are pretty close in taste and texture to what I would usually eat. For Katie it meant she could eat everything in sight without having to check a single label, so I put that down as a win.

We also got to attend some Yoga classes that were slightly more advanced to what we’ve done before. We both had immense fun and manged to keep pace with everyone else even with the more advanced moves and postures, which made us quite proud of ourselves. I also managed to get my hands on some beautiful cruelty free products to try, such as the Neil’s Yard Remedies gift set and a Nail Nectar from Tropic, the latter of which you’ll hear about when I’ve trialed it a little longer. All in all, it was a great day out together and we greatly enjoyed it.


There are no two ways about it, work has been challenging, and a huge drain on me mentally, physically and emotionally for a number of reasons. I won't divulge too much here, partly because there is still some conflict, but also because it's far too much to share in a post that is meant to be a summary. 


All I'll say is that there are many moving parts, and whilst I feel totally let down by some people, there are others who have stepped in and restored my confidence that things will improve. 

You may recall from my March lookback that Boots was in need of a minor operation to remove a cyst from his neck. As it wasn’t bothering him we were going to wait a bit before having it removed, after all, there’s no point putting him through surgery needlessly. When it almost doubled in size in as little as two weeks however, we knew we had to get him in sooner. I booked the day off work and took him in toward the end of the month.

It’s safe to say he doesn’t enjoy car journeys, but he was really well behaved and the surgery went well. After a few days of being a little dazed from the aesthetic he was back to his usual self again. Even if his neck is still bald…

With the absolutely stunning weather we had over the bank holiday, it was the perfect opportunity for our first barbecue of the year! We got to make full use of the bar we’ve built in the garage, the bikes were out and it was great to socialise with friends in the sun.


My friend Katie and I have been going for walks in the evening too, as we live in close proximity to woodland and had heard rumors of a lake nearby. It’s been lovely to get some sun and fresh air, and its amazing how little we actually need to walk before we feel like sufficiently separated from civilization. After wandering aimlessly around we found the lake as well!  



This month certainly hasn't been stress free, but hey, when is life ever devoid of stress in some form? The good has outweighed everything else by a mile, which leaves me feeling pretty happy and content. 


How was your April?


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