You Go Girl │ March 2019 Birchbox

March 28, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I can’t quite believe we are almost through March already. I mean, that’s a quarter of the year almost gone people! With International Women’s Day being in March, this month’s Birchbox is all about the girl power, which is evident right from the moment you see the design, and absolutely someone I can get on board with. I’m all about the girl power, boss babes, and I’m so pleased to be part of the only all-female duo at work. So to see this months box design was really pleasing to me.  


So lets get stuck in and see what I got shall we? 



Calvin Klein perfume £35.00.
A few months ago I received a perfume in an actual sample bottle, and was elated to think Birchbox were moving away from the cheap crappy plastic ones that come in a card. Apparently that was a one off though, because that’s what came in this months box.

The scent isn’t something I would choose for myself, but it’s not unpleasant either. I guess I’ll stash this away for if I need spares, or something to chuck in a handbag. 


The Beauty Crop Bronzer £8.00.
I typically only use a tiny bit of bronzer for contour, but we are certainly moving toward that time of year where it becomes more of a staple in most beauty routines. There’s not much to say about this cute little compact, but that’s because it does exactly what you need it to. The pigment is good, it doesn’t come out patchy, lasts well, and the colour is perfect for me. Really can’t complain here! 



Chella brow cream £20.00. Being a lover of bold, well-shaped brows, I was pretty happy to find this in my box. This product is double ended, with the brush at one end, and the product in the cap at the other end.

I must admit, I’m not a fan of the design. The cap in which the product sits is a little deeper than it should be, meaning you can only evenly pick up product on the end of the angled brush, or, did it in but end up with too much. A slightly shallower cap, where you can get the whole brush evenly into the product would have been far easier to work with. 


 The product does still work and once dry doesn’t budge, although I have noted it comes out darker than you think it should from the shade, and colour of the product in the pan. 



Generation Clay Mask £28.50.
Considering my three little goals to be kinder to myself in March, this is absolutely perfect. Not that I don’t have loads of masks already, I do, but I’ll never turn down a few more to add to the skincare draw.

Admittedly, this mask is a little messy, but that’s really to be expected with one of this nature. I found it to be very cooling on the skin, and left my skin feeling fresh and clear. 


Emma Hardie Moisturiser £44.00.
The final item in this month’s box. My skin has been a little all over the place lately, some days its oily and then the next it’ll be really dry, I just can’t seem, to keep it happy. Due to this, I was pretty happy having a new skincare product to try out. 


Now, I’m not sure if I got a dodgy one, or if its genuinely how the product smells, but its awful. It smells to me like its gone off, hence I think maybe this isn’t how it should be. Unfortunately, it was bad enough that I had to go wash my face again, so I can’t accurately report on how good the product actually is. My skin did feel pretty good, but that could well be from the reapplication of my usual products after I’d removed all trace of this one. 



BOD Glitter Scrub £4.99.
Now, I’ll admit it, when I first saw this, I thought it was some garish, glittery shower gel that I’d be palming off as soon as I could… but I was totally wrong! This is actually, a honey and brown sugar body scrub, infused with decadent gold flakes. It smells like sweet honey and is really lovely to use. It doesn’t over exfoliate and leave the skin irritated, and gives a little moisture as well, which has left my skin feeling soft. 


I’ve been using this quite frequently and a little goes a long way, meaning I’m no where near running out yet. This is absolutely one I’ll be looking to repurchase when it does though! 







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