February Lookback

March 1, 2019

After an extremely long January, I was very thankful to have a significantly shorter and more manageable February. Whilst its clear that Summer isn’t quite here, the weather has been much less miserable, and dare I say it… warm. I can certainly feel my mood lifting as the evenings start to get a little lighter and we can start to do things outside again. 

It was Mikes birthday in early February, so I spent most of the lead up arranging a surprise party for him. Let me tell you, he is the worst person to try and organise a surprise for! He’s one of those people who likes to organise get togethers, it’s kinda his thing, so I think he found being out of the loop a bit of a challenge. There were numerus times his friend warned me that he’d been digging for information when they were in the gym… 


Despite the challenge, and some logistical problems thanks to road closures, we did still manage to surprise him! We’ve converted our garage into a little bar of sorts, so we decorated in there for pre-drinks, followed by a night out in the city, all of which he loved.

Exam success
This is turning into more of a lookback for Mike, but its such great news I can’t leave it out! Mike passed his last insurance exam last month, which is absolutely fantastic! Studying when you work full time isn’t the easiest, but when that study is on the subject in insurance, it feels almost impossible. Nether the less, he worked really hard and its finally paid off.

A day at the Arcade
With the weather starting to perk up, the boys wanted to have a ride out to the coast on the bikes, so Katie and I followed along in the car. When we got there we spent the day walking the coast and playing in the arcades. Katie managed to beat the high score at space invaders… twice! By the end we had more tickets that we could possibly know what to do with, and after cashing in on the prizes we wanted just gave the rest away. 

Ha. Well…. Its safe to say we’ve been on a bit of a break this month. Work has just been so insane, that I’m totally drained by the evening and weekends. That being said, I think I do feel better for having a little break, and I’ve got tonnes of drafts sat waiting to be posted, they just need some photos and they’re ready to go! I don’t want to promise for risk of not fulfilling, but March should hopefully be a little more on track.

Silent Disco!
So, whilst we were out celebrating the results from Mike’s exam, we went to one of our regular haunts, The Waterfront, which is an alternative venue in Norwich. When we arrived we found that in lieu of their usual club nights that were running a silent disco!

It works by everyone wearing a set of wireless headphones, with a button on the side to change between one of 3 channels. The colour on the headphones indicates the channel you are listening to. We were a little reluctant at first, but within minutes were having a blast.

I loved that you could change what you were listening to without having to move elsewhere in the building. Plus, you could take your headphones everywhere and still be in range of the music, so people were bopping along happily in the smoking area and the loo, which was quite entertaining. It also made talking to each other or ordering drinks significantly easier, as you could just take the headphones off. Although, it was extremely bizarre to look around the room watching people sing and dance when you had no music!

It was a fantastic experience, and I’d highly recommend it!

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed February, and looking back, feel like we did plenty of new and exciting things that made the month speed by. I’m feeling in good spirits, and I can’t wait to see what March brings.

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