January 2019 Lookback

February 6, 2019

I’m very aware that this is stupidly late, but... Congratulations everyone! We’re made it through the first month of 2019!! Although to be perfectly honest it feels like ages ago that we were celebrating the New Year.  


January can be a very long month for many, myself included. As much as I love being paid earlier in December for any last minute Christmas shopping, it doesn’t half hit your wallet towards the end of January… That, and this month we had our first mortgage payment (which was almost twice what our normal monthly payment will be) and I’ve had to get both my passport and driving licence renewed! As a consequence of this, I’ve tried to be mindful of my spending, which has sadly meant no extravagant trips or presents to myself. That’s not to say I sat at home in my jammies all month though, (although there was plenty of that too) I still managed to get out, have fun and have some things to talk about in this month’s lookback.

Escape room
I’ve done an escape room before with a few work friends, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was really excited when my friend Katie arranged for us all to go together in the beginning of January, as a Christmas present to our little group of friends. The first time I went, the challenge was to ‘clear your name’, and solve a murder – the story for which was based on an actual murder right here in Norwich! This latest escape room, was a creepy theme, set in the time of the plague, where you follow the clues to find out the unusual fate of a family, and again, this one was based on a true story!

Unfortunately Mike and I were both suffering with flu-like symptoms (not great when you are following a story about the plague!) and had to force ourselves out of bed to go. I’m glad we did, because we enjoyed it regardless, and found this one to be much more difficult than the last – it is the most challenging one they have so it makes sense! Afterwards we were pretty tired, so went for one drink while we waited for a taxi home, and then promptly got into our PJs and back into bed when we returned home.

There are two more escape rooms that we want to try, so no doubt we’ll be back again soon!

An evening of comedy
Another one of our Christmas presents was an evening out together to watch Daniel Sloss perform at the Playhouse in Norwich. I’m not really sure how we discovered him as a comedian, but I have the feeling it was on a hangover day where we all just chilled on the sofa together in front of Netflix. 


It was lovely to do something a little different during the week, and the show was really good fun. So much so that we all went home with sore faces from laughing so much!

Something I really loved about the show was that in amongst the side splitting comedy, Daniel talked very seriously about real issues in our society too. From what some may consider the ‘smaller battles’, such as the ridiculousness of the tampon tax for them being considered ‘luxury’ items, all the way up to far more serious issues like the #metoo movement. There were tense moments in the room, but these are important issues, and the more we talk openly about them the more they can be addressed and hopefully fixed.

If you haven’t come across him, I would absolutely recommend you go find him on Netflix, or maybe even see if you can find a show near you, you won’t be disappointed.

Vegan January
With one of our close friends being Vegan, Mike and I decided to take part in Vegan January. This then got moved to Vegetarian January, and then turned into an all out fail toward the end of the month... Luckily she’s forgiven us, but I’m determined to do what we said we would, so we’ll be doing it, properly, later on in the year.

It’s totally our own fault, and mainly down to a total lack of planning. As an ‘eats anything and everything in front of me’ kind of person, I did find it to be a little restrictive, knowing that there were things I couldn’t have. Even simple things like my morning cup of coffee, I hadn’t planned for, and so hadn’t got a substitute for the milk.

I’ve now got myself a Vegan cookbook, and I’ll make sure I have another crack at it, but properly this time!

I’ve had a bit of a spell of health problems toward the end of last year, and its continued into January. I’ve been having frequent dizzy spells, where I feel I’m on the verge of fainting. Its something that’s come up infrequently over the years, and hasn’t really been that bad until I actually fainted in the street in New Orleans just over a year ago. Since then its been on and off, but toward the end of last year it was starting to come up more frequently.

I had a blood test, which determined that I wasn’t deficient in anything, and ruled out there being any kind of blood-sugar issue, which is what these symptoms have been put down to if ever I’ve mentioned it to a doctor in the past. I was then send for an ECG, which came back with an abnormality. I’m now waiting on a 24 hour ECG which isn’t likely to be until April, to track my heart over a longer period and hopefully get to the bottom of exactly what’s going on.

I’ve also noticed I’ve started to drop a fair amount of weight over the last few months, and over the Christmas period lost about half a stone – and I can guarantee by the amount I ate that I deserve to have gained at least that. I haven’t changed my diet, nor have I been doing more exercise – in fact I’ve been going to the gym less, so it’s a little concerning as there is seemingly no reason behind it.

Here’s hoping I get my appointment soon, and get to the bottom of whatever is going on.

Family fun
My friends Mum and younger brother came to Norfolk to visit for the weekend, so we decided to go for a day out to Gravity, which is a trampoline park in Norwich. Naturally Katie and I were equally (if not more) excited than Jack to have a day out on the trampolines, although we certainly felt it the following day!

All in all, its been a pretty positive month, and a great start to 2019. I’d decided while writing my 2018 lookback that I wanted to do some new things and have positive memories of 2019, and so far, that’s exactly what I’m doing! 



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