The weather is glum, but your date shouldn't be!*

January 3, 2019

Ok. So it’s a new year, you’re a new you – well, actually maybe it’s the same you, but now you’ve had a chance to recharge your batteries, you are full of new energy and enthusiasm – you’ve logged onto Derbyshire Dating chatted and got to know someone, you click and now you’ve agreed to meet. Exciting hey?! But where do you go? What do you do? The weather is kinda rubbish, and uninspiring, and given the that we’ve just come out of the festive period, you are so full of wine and food that you can’t fathom the idea of going for a meal, so you’ve ended up stuck for ideas. Sure you could just go for a coffee, which is a perfectly acceptable option, but maybe you’d rather something a little different?


Well no need to fear, as todays post is a few ideas of what you can do, despite the typical British drizzle and grey skies.




Escape Room

I first experienced an escape room in the summer, when I went with a few friends from work, mixed with a few from outside of work, and found it to be really great fun. Obviously, we knew each other before going, but it was interesting to really get a feel for how each of us managed under pressure, as we raced against the clock to solve all the clues.


People are usually on best behaviour when they first meet, but it’s hard to not let your ‘real self’ shine through for things like this when tension is a little higher, so how your date reacts and behaves will be a great indicator as to whether a second date is on the cards or not. Will they be calm, cool and have fun, or will they get angry and frustrated?


Stand-up comedy

One of my Christmas presents was tickets to go and watch a comedian our little group is fond of, we all got a ticket, so it’ll be great for us to all spend time together doing something a little different on the weekend, but it could easily work as a dating idea as well. You are a little limited to how much you can talk in something like this, where the focus will be to the stage, but it’s a little more social than a movie, and will help you get a really feel for each other’s sense of humour – or lack of!


Hit the slopes

Ok, so maybe it’s a dry slope, and yes, it does mean being outside. That doesn’t stop it being a fun idea! Skiing or snowboarding is probably best avoided, unless you both know how to do it already, but tubing is an option for almost everyone. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to be pushed down a hill together in a giant inflatable doughnut!? Just be sure to wrap up warm!


It’ll certainly be a date to remember, and you can warm up with a hot chocolate, or even grab a bite to eat after if things are going well.



These are but a few possible ideas, and even if you aren’t drawn to any in particular, hopefully they’ve provided a little inspiration. Do you have any ideas for a fun first date?


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