A Christmas Treat with Moi-Meme Classic Box

December 23, 2018

I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the Moi-meme were doing a Christmas box, I did a happy dance - much to the amusement of my boss, who was sat next to me at the time. I was even more excited when I realised it wasn’t just one box, but two we could purchase. Both boxes became available for purchase on the day I moved house – eep! Meaning I sadly missed out on buying one the first time around because they sold out so fast.

You’ll imagine how excited I was when it was announced there would be a second batch, another chance to get my hands on a beautiful Christmas box! When they went live online, I chose the Classic Box, partly because it was cheaper (£38) than the Luxe Box (£88), but mainly because there were two items I really wanted that were in the Classic.

There was a couple of issues with stock, which meant waiting a bit before the box could be sent. Not that I minded at all, as Moi-meme kept me in the loop and updated every step of the way. What’s better, is they didn’t wait for me to ask, they sent all the updates without any kind of prompting, which for me is excellent, and really shows how consciousness they are about their customers.

So, how about we launch into what I got in my Classic Box!

Bloom Town salt soak
This was one of the items that swayed me to get this box. Having had the bath oil in another box, I was absolutely in love with the brand, as well as the scent, so couldn’t pass up the chance to add more to my collection. I’ve also been converted into the wonderful benefits of a salt bath, so even better that I could have one in my favourite scent!

I chose ‘the hedgerow’ as it’s the same gorgeous scent as the bath oil I had before. It’s lovely that we were able to choose, and could either expand on what we had already like I did, or, could try something totally different.

Coco Chocolate bar
Who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially at Christmas! We had the choice of two flavours to pick from, being ‘Christmas spice’ or ‘gold, frankincense and myrrh’. I went for the latter and was pleasantly surprised to find the bar is decorated with beautiful edible gold! How very extra!

It was an interesting flavour, but quite enjoyable, and has already been devoured!

Katie Loxton Christmas Tea light Cracker
All three of the candles offered sounded amazing, and it was hard to pick one. I eventually went with ‘Christmas Sparkle’ but was then notified that the order from Katie Loxton hadn’t made it to Moi-meme, so was offered ‘Winter wonderland’ instead as an alternative. As I’d struggled to pick between them in the first place, this was absolutely fine.

The packaging is absolutely beautiful, with the tea lights stacked up inside a cracker. Winter wonderland is festive mix of snowberry and soft cotton, with a hint of jasmine. I could smell them long before I took them out of the packet, and they have a lovely fresh smell that I absolutely adore.

Bloom Town Christmas Bauble
I had a major struggle here, when we were offered either a mini sugar scrub, or, an infused oil rollerball – because I wanted both! I went for the sugar scrub in the end, but I’ll probably end up buying the roller for myself before long as well…

Like with the salt soak, we got to choose which scent we wanted, and I again went for the Hedgerow to complete the ‘set’ of that scent. I am very tempted by the rest though, so they’ll probably end up in my basket when I buy the rollerball!

The sugar scrub was a really lovely texture, that wasn’t too harsh on the skin, and left it feeling smooth and soft. I was delighted to find that a lot of the scent transferred into the skin, so I had the wonderful lingering smell of blackberries all evening.

Metallic Starburst Scarf
Having lost my favourite scarf on a work night out, I was excited to be getting another one, that has bumped itself straight to the top spot. With the option of either silver or copper stars, we could choose between light grey, dark grey or a navy scarf. I knew immediately that I wanted copper, but had a lot of deliberation between the dark and the light grey. As I typically wear dark colours I went for the lighter one for something a little different.

The scarf is beautifully soft and lightweight, and the perfect accessory for this time of year, adding a bit of festive sparkle to any outfit. I think I chose well, but I have been eyeing up the dark grey as well…

I absolutely loved the classic Christmas box, and found it to be the perfect treat to help me get into the Christmas spirit. The one thing I missed compared to the usual boxes, was the little booklet that tells you about all the products. It’s a very minor point, as I already knew about them, and the brands behind them from previous boxes, but I do enjoy reading the little story Moi-meme puts together, and their reason for picking the brands and products that they do.

Either way, it was a very worthwhile purchase for me, and from all the items I’m still eyeing up, I’m sure I’ll be buying more! 

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