My Stress Saviour │ Salt Bath

December 4, 2018

After an explosion of stress spots all over my body, especially across my back and shoulders, I’ve been desperately trying anything I can get hold of to try and get rid of them. Not only does it look extremely unattractive, but it’s actually been quite painful and uncomfortable.

Given that the main problem area has been my back, it’s not been the easiest of places to see or get to either. As much as Mike has been great at helping me scrub it in the bath, or partake in some spot clearing whenever I’ve asked, I’d kind of prefer to be able to just deal with it myself.

I tried many different things, from exfoliation and scrubbing, thinking that drying out my skin would help – it didn’t it just made it sore. I tried body oils, which made no difference at all to the spot situation, although it did sooth a little. Then resorted to using spot treatments I would typically use on my face. I tried showering more, and keeping my back bare in the evening to let it air, nothing really cleared it.

Having such terrible trouble with my skin, left me feeling down, kind of gross and more stressed. The cycle of being stressed about spots just meant I got more spots – JOY. 


One evening in Asda, whilst shopping for other toiletries, I noticed a bag on the top shelf, with packaging promising clear and healthy looking skin. Upon closer inspection, I realised it was salt, of the pink Himalayan variety to be used in the bath, so given that it was a couple of quid I chucked it in the trolley figuring I may as well try it. After all, it couldn’t possibly make my skin any worse than it was.

Before trying I had a little read online about salt baths, and whilst there were some glowing reviews, and claims of greatness I’ll admit that I was a little sceptical. After all, nothing else had really helped, and I’d kind of resigned myself to being spotty forever – a tad dramatic, I know. That, and it kind of seemed like one of those fads that everyone raves about but don’t really do anything.

When I first went to use the product, I found that the bag contained coarse pink salt. I didn’t really know how much to use so just chucked a generous handful in under the running tap. About half of it dissolved, but the rest didn’t dissipate until I stirred the bath. I found that when I was actually in the bath, there weren’t little granules lingering at the bottom of the tub, for which I was thankful.

It would be unfair to expect immediate results for this type of product, but after my bath my skin did feel a little softer, and more moisturised than it would usually. I usually moisturise after a bath to stop my skin from drying out, but as it felt ok I skipped it, and didn’t dry out through the night.

The following morning, I found that whilst I still had spots (obviously) my skin looked and felt a lot less aggravated and inflamed. I’ve now been having salt baths a three times a week, for the past few weeks, and I’m pleased to report that my skin has very almost cleared up. There’s a few hanging on here and there, but for the most part its now pretty clear.

Salt baths have not only cleared up my back, but its improved the rest of my skin as well. I’m confident that continuous use will clear the remaining blemishes, as well as help keep any new ones at bay. I’ve also found that it really helps sooth sore muscles after a gym session, which is a massive bonus. A very worthwhile purchase when I’d started to lose hope, and something I will continue to buy.

Have you ever tried salt baths? What did you think?

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