It’s my birthday!

November 22, 2018

Well…. Not my birthday. My birthday is all the way in July, but Em’s World is 1 year old on 21st November! The year has flown by at break-next speed, as I’ve said in many of my monthly look backs – to the point that I’m sounding like a broken record! A lot has happened, both on and off the blog, and as cliché as it sounds, I feel like a totally different person now, to when I first started this time last year.   


When I first started my blog, it was because I needed a new hobby and a creative outlet. I’ve always been artistic, and used to do a lot of drawing and writing, which died down as I got older and more focused on work and life in general. I work in a very structured and corporate environment that provides very little opportunity to be creative, so when I found myself missing it, I brought myself a load of adult colouring books (yep, I’m that sad) which helped, but didn’t quite hit the spot.

I’d been an avid reader of lifestyle of beauty blogs for many years, and had always found myself thinking and playing out in my head how I would write about similar topics or products if I had my own little slice of the internet all to myself. I was also always a lover of makeup, and really enjoyed scrolling through Instagram looking at pretty flatlays, and creating my own in my mind’s eye. 

In December 2017 I left my job to go traveling around America and Canada with Mike, with the knowledge that I would need to do some serious job hunting when I got back in the middle of January. I wanted something to keep my mind active in-between applications and interviews, but that I would enjoy, so I started up ‘Em’s World’ a little before I went away.

My headspace this time last year was very different to how it is now. I hated my job, hated going to work and was always stressed. One of the executives I worked for at the time was extremely demanding, unreasonable and all round unpleasant person to work for. He would routinely send me large pieces of work at 16:50 that needed doing that same day, so I was expected to work late a lot of the time. He made a complaint to my manager when I had a day’s compassionate leave to go to my grandmother’s funeral, as it was ‘inconvenient’ to him. It wasn’t just me, he made a complaint about another member of staff when she didn’t come into work because she had gone into labour early… He constantly chipped away at me, to the point that I put in a grievance against him, but my employer didn’t really do anything. There were lots of meetings, and meetings about meetings, but nothing actually changed, if anything he got more miffed. All kinds of things that mounted up to a lot of stress.

There were a lot of mornings where I would be in tears because I just didn’t want to go into the office, and many evenings where I’d be in much the same state. I was sick all the time, which I absolutely believe was all the stress manifesting itself onto my body, and I constantly felt tired and drained. At the time, for me, the blog was my little escape, something fun to do because I wanted to, where there were no pressures or deadlines other than what I decided.

You’ll be glad to hear that things are completely different now. I actually enjoy my job, and get on really well with the executive I work with. She is someone I can be totally open and honest with, and if our stats are anything to go by, we actually work very well together as well. It’s an added bonus that we routinely buy each other breakfast and chocolate. My only stress of late, was centred around our house move, which is now over.

I feel like a weight has been lifted from me, and like myself again. I’m back to my confident, outspoken and mostly sarcastic self. I feel very happy in myself at the moment. I don’t think I even realised quite how stressed I was, or how badly it was affecting me until I thought back to last year in order to write this post. Sometimes you need to look back at where you were to really see where you are.

In terms of the blog itself, I do feel like I’ve developed over the last 12 months. It feels like my writing has improved, as have my photos, and I feel like I’ve found my own style to work in. I’ve settled into a comfortable routine of at least one post a week, albeit not on a set day.

I’ve found great support in the blogging community, and have even forged a few friendships along the way. I enjoy my blog more than I thought I would, and I’m excited to expand and grown as I learn more and more.

It’s been a great first year, and I can’t wait to see the change in another 12 months.

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