October look back

November 1, 2018

October is one of my favourite months of the year, so I’m sad to see it go. That said, we are now well and truly in the lead up to Christmas, so it’s not like we have nothing to look forward to!!  

Although we still haven’t escaped the stress of our impending house move, I found October to be a much more positive month than the previous.

After almost two years of debating and procrastinating I’ve finally added a new tattoo to my collection. I’ve got a few already, and I’m not even sure why I put off this one for so long. I think it’s down to my previous one (an all-day session on my ribcage) being more painful than all my others that I was almost a little put off.

I’m glad I finally got round to it, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out, just one tiny touch-up needed, and then it’s finished! Now that I’ve re-reminded myself that they aren’t particularly painful, I’m already planning the next one!

Mike and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Raiders vs Seahawks game in Wembley, London. We joined up with a few friends and work colleagues and got there early to make a full day of it. It was a fantastic day out, full of beer, food, shopping and giggles.

As tickets were in such high demand, we ended up in much better seats than we would normally go for, and ended up sat in Club Wembley. It was certainly a nice treat to have comfier seats, better amenities and as strange as it sounds – cup holders!

It feels like the saga of trying to move has gone on forever and ever, but we are finally at a point where the end is in sight, but we aren’t quite there yet. However, with the draft contracts for our purchase now signed, and an estimate move date set, it feels like the home stretch at last!

We’ve already started packing, and getting rid of things we aren’t taking with us, so hopefully moving day won’t be too stressful when it finally does come around!

For those who haven’t seen my last lookback, following a fall out at the very end of August I haven’t been in contact with my parents. Well, toward the end of October, my Mum reached out to me to catch up. Whilst there are still plenty of unresolved issues, I did really enjoy seeing her, and felt my mood was lifted as a result.

The highlight of October for everyone has to be Halloween right!? I absolutely love Halloween , Its is our favourite celebration on the year, it’s basically our Christmas!!


It was hard to top last year, given that it was last year that Mike asked me to marry him, but we had a gathering of our nearest and dearest anyway. This year we based our outfits on the film Purge, and our costumes came out pretty well even if I do say so myself!



There hasn’t been a huge amount going on from what you guys can see, but I’ve been working on trying to improve my domain authority this month, and at the very end of October hit one of my targets.

With the house move hopefully going ahead in November, it’s likely that I’ll struggle to get a huge amount of content out next month. Although I am looking into the possibility of moving my blog in November! When I first started, I didn’t really research properly, so went with Wix, which I’m finding doesn’t really do what I want it to do. I can’t use a lot of the plug-ins I would like, and if my posts are not exactly the same size, it messes with my template. I’m still not sure how practical it will be to move, and I’m a little fearful that I won’t be able to migrate my content… watch this space!

I’m pleased that October had a few more ‘things’ going on, and all in all I’m starting to feel a lot better in myself than I did last month. I’m feeling a lot stronger, and more positive, and look forward to seeing what November brings. 

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