This is Halloween!

October 30, 2018

I absolutely love this time of year, from the beautiful leaves, to the seasonal colours to all the scents, flavours and celebrations that come with the joy that is Halloween. My blood-pumpkin spice levels are through the roof and I absolutely love it! 

Halloween marks so many wonderful things for us as a family, be it that we can cover the house from top to bottom with spooky decor, the crisp autumn air, and of course the anniversary of the day Mike asked me to marry him. With all these wonderful things going on, it’s really no surprise that it’s my favourite time of year, but if you have been struggling to get into the mood, here are my top favourite things about the season that may help lift your spooky spirts – pun totally by accident!

Get creative
One of the main reasons I started blogging in the first place was for a creative outlet, and Halloween is full of fun ways for you to be arty and creative! You can nip down to the store (or better yet, head to a pumpkin patch and make a day of it) and find yourself the perfect blank canvas for some seasonal carving! I find the process of pumpkin carving to be weirdly therapeutic, and always end up carving multiple pumpkins because I can’t decide between a silly face or a traditional spooky design.

If you don’t fancy working with sharp objects, why not decorate your home? We went all out this year, and even went so far as to swap to red lightbulbs in the living room and cover every single wall in webs for an extra spooky vibe! You need not go that far however, and some well placed pumpkins are sure to do the trick.

Dress up
Now, I know I’m too old (sob) to dress up and go trick or treating. Which is actually a shame, because we were never allowed to go as kids, so I do feel like I missed out a little bit. However, you are never too old to dress up and have a Halloween party with your friends and family!

It’s become a tradition in our group to pick a theme together and then work as a team to make it happen. Last year, I spent hours doing everyone’s makeup for day of the dead, and this year, we spent hours covering ourselves in fake blood for our Purge theme. I think we did pretty well this year, although I did learn the hard way that a tutu is not the best place to store a phone on a night out…

Being someone with a massive sweet tooth, I’m certainly a fan of all the candy that’s around at this time of year. I’m especially fond of toffee apples, as I try to convince myself that I’m contributing to my 5 a day…

If you aren’t one for sweets though, that’s fine, there’s still plenty you can enjoy. If you carve up a pumpkin, why not make some delicious soup? Not only is it good for you, but it’s very satisfying making a hearty meal totally from scratch. Or, if you can’t be bothered, head down to your local coffee shop and grab a pumpkin spice latte instead!

I know that horror films are available all year round, but October is the month where its considered perfectly acceptable to cuddle up under a blanket binge watch every horror film ever made. Mike isn’t a massive fan of horror films, but once I’ve put them on and hid the remote, he’s been perfectly content in watching them.

A long standing tradition of mine has been to watch Tim Burtons ‘A nightmare before Christmas’, which I was surprised to find Mike hadn’t seen – despite knowing all the words to ‘this is Halloween’, I guess we have Manson to thank for that! Needless to say, he’s now all too familiar with the film.

Hopefully this post will have helped ignite your love for Halloween! If you were already a lover, what do you enjoy the most about this fabulous time of year?


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