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October 23, 2018

If you saw my previous post, you’ll know I absolutely loved my last Moi-meme box, to the point that I wasn’t sure how the next one would compare. It would certainly be hard to beat!! Well, the next box has finally arrived, and for this one the theme was tranquillity, absolutely perfect for this time of year where we retreat indoors, ready for some ‘me time’ and escape the cold. The theme was especially well timed for me personally, as my stress levels have been absolutely through the roof, meaning I’ve been plagued with chronic headaches, breakouts and restless nights. You can imagine how pleased I was to have a box arrive full of goodies to help me relax!  

As usual, the box was well packaged to protect all of the wonderful goodies inside. Rather than you have to read my babble any longer, let’s dive right into the tranquillity box… 


Lola’s Apothecary Candle - £42.00. The Lola’s Apothecary range is hand blended at a cattle farm set in the beautiful Devon countryside. Each and every product in the range is designed to bring joy, wellness and peace, and is an absolutely perfect start to the tranquillity box. Free from synthetic fragrances, this candle smells absolutely divine, and I could even smell it before I fully opened the box!

There were two possible options to receive, and mine was ‘Sweet Lullaby’, which is a beautiful blend of relaxing lavender, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang and a touch of vanilla. The candle is high quality, weighty, and boasts a rather impressive 45 hours’ worth of burn time. With its lovely pale blue colouring, and beautiful pattern on the glass, it fits perfectly with the décor of my home!

I initially placed this candle in the bedroom, but didn’t light it, and found that it was strong enough to change the scent in the room even then! As a consequence, I moved it downstairs to light, and the smell was strong and uplifting but not overpowering, just the right amount. I did worry a little about needing be cautious about using in a small space, in case it got overwhelming, but having moved from room to room I’ve had absolutely no problem with it.  


Myroo Hand treat - £20.00. Founded in Harrogate by Rachael Dunseath, and focusing on those with allergies and sensitive skin, Myroo create all their products in small batches to ensure maximum quality and freshness. Each and every one of their products is natural, organic and vegan. If that wasn’t enough, this is the UK’s first ever ‘free from’ skincare brand. That means it doesn’t contain any of the 14 food allergens such as nuts, gluten or dairy, so this is something that really is for everyone!

It’s safe to say my hands and lips really suffer when we switch to the colder weather, so I’m constantly on the lookout for products to try and help combat the cold. This product claims that a little goes a long way, and boy are they right! A teeny tiny amount was all that was needed to restore to hands back to being soft, and free of dry patches. It did take a little longer to sink in, but once it had, there was no slick residue left behind, and my hands felt soft and rejuvenated for the rest of the day.

You need not limit this wonderful balm to just your hands however. Since the weather turned, I’ve had dry, cracked heels that my normal creams just aren’t touching. I used a tiny amount of balm before bed, and by the next morning noticed a significant difference. That’s right, just one use of this stuff did what several uses of my usual foot cream could not! 


Stephie Ann eye mask - £23.00. After graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design, Stephie launched her own business in which she took her artwork, paintings and photos and transposed them onto silk via digital printing. As you would expect her range is filled with beautiful silk products, from scarves to clothing, to eye masks!

I love how much thought, care and creativity goes into every single step of the process, and its exactly what your expect to find in a Moi-Meme box! Each item is hand made to make something truly special and unique. There was six possible options of eye mask, three of which were exclusive to Moi-Meme. I received ‘Anemone’ a stunning mask filled with vibrant colour.

I’ve never been one to sleep with an eye mask, so I can’t really compare it to any others. What I can say however, is that its comfortable to wear and I’ve had no trouble sleeping with it. In fact, it’s been quite nice to be able to sleep in total darkness!

Bloomtown Nourishing body and bath oil - £10.00. Founded by a husband and wife duo with the dream of creating ethical, natural and cruelty free products, Bloomtown is the UK’s first independently certified palm oil free company.

There were four gorgeous options for this versatile oil; the rose garden, the café, the hedgerow and the grove. I received the hedgerow, and it really does smell absolutely divine. The oil has a beautiful scent of blackberries, perfect for the season and brings back nostalgic memories of blackberry picking when I was a child. The smell lingers all day, but isn’t overpowering or sickly, in short it’s just perfect.

In terms of functionality, the oil can be used in a soothing bath, as a dry body oil, and even in the ends of your hair as an overnight treatment. When used directly on the skin, I didn’t find that it was greasy like some oils can be. A little went a long way, and it left my skin feeling soft and smelling wonderful. 


Love Cocoa - £4.00. CHOCOLATE! What more could you want than chocolate? Not just any chocolate mind you, this chocolate was created by James Cadbury, the decedent of John Cadbury, with the aim of making British chocolate great in an inclusive and ethical manner. Not only that, but the chocolate is free from gluten, palm oil, and many other nasties, making it something almost everyone can enjoy.

I received Orange and Cocoa Nibs, which is an organic milk chocolate. I love that the packaging states best enjoyed eaten slowly, and in silence, perfect for a tranquil moment, and some me time. A perfect addition to the tranquillity box, and a delicious treat - and Boots seemed to like it to!!


Night Navy Bookmark – £5.00. The final item I unveiled from my box was a beautiful leather bookmark from Night Navy. Night Navy offer a wide range of customisable gift and stationary products, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love stationary?!?

Due to practicality restrictions, it wasn’t possible to make something personalised for each and every customer, but instead we did get a lovely quote, from the author Thomas Wharton that reads ‘An hour spent reading is one stolen from paradise’. This is a perfect fit to the theme of the box, and a lovely reminder to take some time to get lost in another world, curled up with a book. 


My verdict
The tranquillity box totally blew me away. I needed and have used every single item in this box, and it has helped greatly to give me some much needed relaxation time. I mentioned at the start of this post that I wasn’t sure how they would fare this month against my last box, but it’s safe to say this box just gets better and better. 

This is by far the best subscription box I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait for the next one. Moi-meme have even revealed that there will be a limited edition Christmas box, which I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Thank you Moi-meme, for a wonderful treat, and some much needed tranquillity!

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