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September 19, 2018

As someone who has been blogging for under a year, I don’t claim to be an expert at it. I’m very much still learning and developing, but when I look over my content, both photos and my writing and compare it to when I first started out, I do feel there’s been a notable improvement. The ultimate goal for a lot of bloggers is to have paid blogging jobs, receive all kinds of wonderful things in the mail, and have the opportunity to collaborate with brands. That being said, I think it’s important not to have a mentality where you just expect things for free – especially if you are a new or developing blogger. You will likely rub people up the wrong way, and ultimately end up disappointed. 

There are however, many things you can be doing to improve your chances of a collaboration or paid post, and these are a few that have worked for me. There are many Blogger Outreach options to chose from. 


There are a few ways to help land yourself some paid posts, but one of the most important is your blog itself. A big tick in the boxes of many companies is that you own your own name and domain, it give the impression that you are serious about your blog and it looks far more professional. An appropriate contact email will also aid you here. For example, my contact email is rather than using my personal or a random email. Not only does it make things easier for me, but it gives off a much better impression to those who see the email.

Domain Authority
A reasonable domain authority will mean you can find and apply for more sponsored posts on sites such as Get Blogged, who have various types of assignments at different rates depending on your domain authority. If you want to know more about domain authority, I would recommend reading the post written by Jordan over at The Life of a Glasgow Girl, as she explains it far better than I can!

User friendly
Another important factor with your blog is making it friendly toward your audience. By that I mean, make it mobile friendly, easy to navigate and visually appealing. You don’t want to lose out on readers because your site is confusing and they can’t find your posts. Nor is it ideal to expect them to log onto a laptop to be able to view your content.

Be consistent
There are many bloggers out there who work and post to a schedule, posting new content on set days of the week. Whilst I would say this is perhaps not essential, and entirely down to personal preference, it is important to have some kind of consistency. If you go weeks and weeks without publishing anything, it could appear that you are no longer active, making you less likely to be offered collaborations.

It is also important that you are somewhat consistent with the type of content you post, and that it fits into the overall theme of your blog. To establish a theme, you may want to make sure you have an ‘about me’ and ‘disclaimer’ section, which can give an indication as to what kind of products and collaborations would be suitable to you. For example, my description states that this is a lifestyle and beauty blog, and so a collaboration on a product in that niche such as my recent Eyewake collaboration would fit.

Don’t burn bridges
Part of maintaining your theme, and accepting products you are genuinely interested in, means you have to say no every now and then. You also need to be firm with people who appear to be taking you for a ride. Very recently I was offered a free set of earrings in exchange for a review and some photos on Instagram. However, a condition of this was that I cover the postage which was near £15, for a set of earrings worth £4.99. To me this was an extortionate amount to pay for postage for something so small, and within the same country, so I declined the offer. You never know when someone might pop up again, and people will remember if they’ve been treated rudely, so despite the fact I was pretty sure I was being taken for a ride, I made sure my response was friendly and polite, simply saying thank you, but that it wasn’t for me as I felt the delivery was high.

Naturally the more traffic you can direct to your site, the more likely you are to get noticed. Make sure you link back to your site on social media and post often. I’m reasonably consistent with Instagram and Pintrest, but my Twitter is rather… neglected. This is certainly a case where I need to follow my own advice and start sharing posts more consistently across all channels.

Whatever your blog is about and however you decide to work, just remember to enjoy it. Whilst there are some who make a living from blogging, there are many of us who do it because we enjoy it. Try not to stress, and have fun.

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