August look back

September 1, 2018

I have to say, that by all accounts, August has been a very mixed month for me. At the start of the month I picked up a bug from work, which knocked me out for about a week and a half, things kind of picked up again in the middle, and then took a massive dive again at the end of the month. 


With what I’ve mentioned already, along with the pressure of arranging a wedding, selling a house, buying a new house, and massive amounts of work it’s safe to say I’ve felt quite stressed this month. My patience has been wearing thin very quickly (almost instantly), and I’ve been snapping at people when I usually wouldn’t. Co-owning the house with my brother, who isn’t even really the proactive type has made me feel like I have a huge amount of pressure resting on my shoulders to get the place sold so I can move forward. As much as Mike has tried to help, he’s kind of limited given that he doesn’t own the house. He can help with house viewings and prep, but ultimately all the ‘legal stuff’ that goes with the sale can only really be done by the owners.

I’m pretty good at identifying when I have too much on my plate, so I’ve taken a step back from my role as treasurer for the American Football team. I just don’t have the capacity to dedicate the time and attention it deserves, and all hanging onto it was achieving was more stress.

Luckily, August did pick up for me as it went on, one of the highlights was absolutely being able to spend the day with my little sister, being pampered and relaxing in a spa in Burry St. Edmonds. It was a lovely day out, and the timing couldn’t have been better. Given that Meg is going away to Uni in September, all the way to Portsmouth, I’m really conscious of the limited time I have with her at the moment. It’s safe to say I’ll really miss Mini T when she goes!! 


So, as you’ve probably gathered, things are now starting to move on the house front! The house has now had a valuation, which went as we’d hoped, and I’ve got my early settlement figure from the bank for my current mortgage, and we’ve now had some offers over that amount.

This is one step closer to Mike and I being able to buy and move to a home that is ours and more suitable to what we need in the future. It’s nice that things are now starting to finally move and fall into place. When we first met, we each owned our own homes, so had too many – I know, first world problem right!? We obviously sold his, and moved to mine, so once mine is gone we’ll be in a position to have a home that’s ours, rather than owned by one and not the other.

As you’ve hopefully noticed, we’ve had a shiny new look recently! The old site was clunky, and just didn’t look right to me. I don’t like the idea of using or buying pre-made templates, as I think some of the ‘you’ is lost with it being partly someone else’s creation. Not that I’d knock a pre-made template at all, its significantly more practical and part of me was wishing I’d just gone with that! There have absolutely been times when I’ve regretted my way of thinking, as it’s meant doing everything from scratch, which has gone wrong many times, plus, it’s still clunky in places so by no means finished. It does make me proud though, that everything on here, from the logo to the layout was all put together or specifically chosen by me, and no one else. It’s very easy to throw money at things (something I am normally guilty of) so it’s nice to have something where I’ve taken a different approach.

It’s not just the look that’s changed, I’ve even taken the time to update the about me and disclaimer section, so I’ve been a very busy bee!

There’s also been some collaborations this month, with a sponsored post on dating, and a review of the new Eyewake product. My page views are slowly creeping up too, so it’s nice to know people are actually looking at, and hopefully enjoying my content. 



There wasn’t a huge amount on the social front this month, thanks to everything I’ve just mentioned going on. 



I did however catch a couple of nights with friends. A very close friend of mine is moving to Norwich very soon, so I’m really excited to have such a good female friend close by.



That just about concludes my month, which on paper doesn’t look vastly interesting, or positive thanks to a lot of stress! That’s how life goes though I guess, sometimes we have absolutely fantastic months, like I did in July, and sometimes we have a bit of a nothing month like I have in August. Here’s hoping that my September lookback will have a lot more positivity, and hopefully some good news about the house! 


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