Chillys Water Bottle

August 20, 2018

As you probably know already, I love being out and about in the sun, be it to lounge around, play sport or explore. If you’ve seen my latest look back, you’ll be aware that I’ve been doing charity park runs the past few weeks. That’s a 5k run, wearing American Football kit under the blazing sun, so as you’d imagine it gets warm. Very warm. So warm in fact, that the first run earned me a lovely bout of heat stroke. 


Not wanting a repeat of this the following week, I decided I probably needed to be a bit more proactive with my hydration. Plus, to be fair, my current water bottle was getting a little tired anyway. I’d seen loads of these water bottles floating around the gym, as well as on various blog and Instagram posts, so I decided to get one for myself. Retailing at £20-£25 for a 500ml bottle, they weren’t as cheap an option as the bog standard plastic ones, but their claims on temperature control, as well as the general feel for the company were what drew me in. Chillies were founded in 2010, with the aim of giving people the ability to have a hot or cold drink on the go. The secondary aim was to promote reusable containers, rather than a one use, throw away plastic bottle. According to their claims, hot drinks will stay hot for up to 12 hours, and cold drinks for up to 24 hours – perfect for a day out! 



So I’ll admit, the week I brought my new bottle with me to park run, I failed a little bit. I’d filled it with cold water that morning, even added some ice, and then left the bottle in the car… this meant I had to run alongside my sister so I could steal her drink on the run itself (thanks Meg!). However, when we got back to the car and I extracted the bottle from the boiling hot boot, I was surprised to find that I could still hear ice clinking away inside the bottle! I’m sure we all know how stifling a car gets when its left in the sun, so to still have ice in the bottle was nothing short of amazing! Since then this bottle has been an absolute life saver at training. There’s nothing worse than warm water when you need cooling down, and it’s nice to know that I can abandon my bottle in the sun with the others while I train, and still come back to an ice cold drink. 


In terms of size, it’s perfect. By the end of a training session with the American Football team, I’m just about getting to the end of the bottle and finish it during the cool down or when I’m walking back to the car. The robust design is handy too, as this gets stored with my other gear, in my football helmet, in the boot of the car… wherever I happen throw it, it’s fine and so far hasn’t been dented or damaged like a standard plastic bottle already would be. 



My one and only gripe with it, which I’m pretty sure is down to me far more than the actual bottle, is that it’s hard to drink from while running. Obviously this isn’t a factor at football training, nor would it be if used in a gym, but it was a little challenging at park run, and meant I needed to slow down to have a drink. As I said, I’m certain this is down to user error rather than the bottle itself and I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

All in all, I absolutely love my Chillies water bottle. It lives up to everything it says it will do, and there’s tonnes of different colours and designs to pick from. What more could you possibly want?

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