June 2018 look back

July 3, 2018

June has been a funny month for me. It’s flown by, and I’ve felt like I’ve been busy the whole time, yet when I think back on what I actually did, I don’t feel like I have much to show for it. Weird how that works huh? 




So what did I get up to? Well, I’ve successfully completed my first month at my new job. It’s a very different pace to where I’ve just come from, which is exactly what I wanted. I much prefer the faster environment where there is constantly something to do and new things to learn. I’ve hit the ground running a little bit, and am almost a month ahead of my training schedule, but I guess that is thanks to my previous broking experience and Insurance qualifications. I even won a bottle of wine when put in competition against my team, so it’s safe to say things are going well! Although I have to say, I’m still feeling massively drained in the evenings, but I guess that’s always going to be the case with so many new things to learn. 


My old job (from before I went traveling last year) have approached me offering my old position, with a pay increase, but I’ve declined. As flattering as it is, and handy to keep in mind as a backup, I didn’t enjoy my old job at all, and I’d put my personal happiness over money any day. Even if a higher salary would make saving much easier.. 



Speaking of money and saving, we’ve had some really good news on this front. From this month we’ve cleared all debts (other than my mortgage, if you count that) and we’ve got enough money together for our wedding budget. Don’t get me wrong, neither of us had a lot to clear, but with little bits on the credit card now clear, we can obviously put more aside into savings. We can’t take all the credit, as some of it has come from gifts, contributions and well timed inheritance pay outs, but either way, we now have the money we need to get married. We’ve started looking at what we want, and it looks like 2019 will be the year! I’m also free from an early termination fee on the flat from the end of 2019, meaning I’ll be in a position to sell – looks like 2019 will be a busy year! 



An old friend of mine who I haven’t seen in years and years reached out to me a little while ago to catch up, with we finally did earlier on in the month for coffee and cake. It was really lovely to rekindle an old friendship, and a little nostalgic reminiscing about our old college days! We’ll be catching up again soon, which I hope will become a more regular thing. It’s one of those friendships where I’m not even sure why we fell out of contact, I think life in general just got in the way, but I’ll be making a much more conscious effort to make time for people I enjoy seeing. 



I finally did a park run! As the point of what we are doing is to run as a team, we kind of paired off, so I ran the whole way with my sister. I’m mainly in a running position on the football team, but it’s a very quick, very short sprint, with breaks in between. I found the longer distance a little challenging, and kept trying to up my speed rather than actually pace myself for the longer distance. I’d say for a first run though, I did pretty well and felt quite comfortable. I’ll be going again next week, and I’m fairly confident now that I’ve actually covered the distance, I’ll be able to knock a good amount of time off my total. It’s probably a lot easier to do if you aren’t wearing a few kilos of body armour too… although I’ll still be stuck with that! 



Other than that, my time has been spent in the gym, at various BBQ’s and just generally enjoying the sunshine with Mike and our friends. All the time outside even means I’m gradually starting to pick up a tan, which is just as well, as I’m a fake tan virgin. I’ve contemplated it, but I’ve always had fear that I’ll go orange… plus let’s face it, the best way to have a natural looking tan, is to have a natural tan right!? 


I’m really looking forward to July, the month of my birthday, and hopefully a last minute holiday. Location still to be decided!

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