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July 11, 2018

If I'm 100% honest, my skincare regimen is something I never used to be very focused on. I’d clean makeup off my face with wet wipes, and sometimes not even bother and go to bed with a full face of makeup... I know, I know. It was an awful habit to be in, and you’ll be relieved to hear it’s not something I do anymore!


I’m painfully aware that I’m starting to get older, and that my skin really should become a bigger priority. I turn 27 later this month, and it’s mortifying to think that I’m closer to 30 now than I am 20... no offence to anyone already 30!


Enter, Nuxe. My skin saviour, and absolute favourite for a few years now. After I got to try the exfoliater from their new Aquabella range in my May Birchbox , I couldn’t help but have a splurge on some full size goodies. 


Now, I’ll be honest, I got quite a few Nuxe products in my spending spree... enough to qualify myself a free Nuxe candle... but today I’ll be focusing on the Aquabella range. My new skin saviour. 


The Aquabella range is specifically designed to suit combination, oily, teenage skin. Whilst I clearly do not have teenage skin, I do very much need something to combat the other two factors. One thing that I liked about both these products is the smell, it’s not the scent I’ve come to know and love with the other products I’ve tried, but it is very pleasant. Not overpowering at all, the scent is very light and summery, and yet at the same time, I’ll catch glimpses of it throughout the day too. Spot on for the summer. 


So, let’s talk about the exfoliator first. Retailing for £12 for a full size bottle, (150ml to be exact) it’s pretty reasonably priced, and it’s the first Aquabella product I tried.


It’s gentle enough for daily use, as the tiny microbeads buff away imperfections in the skin. Now, about the microbeads... Nuxe came under a little criticism, as we all know plastic beads are awful for the environment. Nuxe had already thought of this; their microbeads are derived from plants, making them natural, and safe for the environment.


It’s clearly gone down well, I had to wait weeks for it to be back in stock, and it was sold out again within a few days!



Moving on to the moisturising emulsion, which is on the Birchbox shop for £21.00. 


This product melts straight into the skin, alleviating dryness, while at the same time balancing the natural oils in the skin.

With the help of white water Lilly, oat, green lentil and silica powder, this product helps blur and mattify. 


These two combined have been incredible, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the beauty revealing essence lotion to complete the set.


My skin has had far fewer breakouts, hasn’t felt over dry or oily and has been left beautifully smooth. My pores are significantly minimised, and I’m finding the end result of my makeup to not only last longer with my oil under control, but it has a far smoother, more airbrushed look. 


In fact, I’d go so far as to say this has genuinely improved my skin without makeup. Any texture or blenishes to my skin have been pretty much eliminated, making me feel much happier with my appearance on those no makeup days.


If you trial one thing for you skincare regimen this summer, it needs to be this! I haven’t been disappointed in the slightest, ad Nuxe have hands down held the top spot of my favourite skin care products. 





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