June 2018 Birchbox - Birchbox Birthday

June 29, 2018

Birchbox is five this June, and so to celebrate, we’ve all received our goodies in a limited edition keepsake tin, rather than a normal box, AND we’ve had an extra goodie too!   


I love the vibrant colours of this months box, so let’s have a look at the contents shall we?



Lord and Berry highlighting pencil - £14.00. We’ve had Lord and Berry products before, and I always find myself to be a little hit and miss with them.


I'm sad to say this time around, this one was a bit of a miss for me, I just can't seem to work with it when it comes to blending. When trying as a highlighter, blending disturbed the foundation underneath.  I then tried to use it to highlight under my brow, but it just wouldn't work. The only time I seemed to get on with it was to highlight the very inner corners of my eyes, but I can't honestly say I'd spend £14 on a product that can only do that one thing. Sadly a bit of a flop for me.



Polaar Velvety Sun Fluid Face and Body - SPF30 - £25. Now that summer is in full swing, this was a very useful product to have this month, you can never have too much sun cream right!? 


This was a win for me, the cream is light, smells nice and isn't greasy on the skin. I put it on my face with makeup, and it didn't disturb it at all. It's quite moisturizing, so I found I didn't need any if I applied this cream. The one thing that might put me off a full size purchase is the price point. I know it's terrible, but as I don't burn very easily, I'm not fond of the idea of forking out a lot of dollar for sun lotion, especially not £25 for 50ml.



Number 4 Jour D'automne Smoothing Balm - £24.50. I love this brand, and swear by their Sugar Spray. Much like the spray, this balm does exactly what it says it will. It reduces frizz (perfect for hot weather) and softens the hair, all in a lovely smelling and easy to use fashion. 


At just under £25 for 150ml, I'd say its a very worthy purchase, and I'll be getting more when my sample runs out. 



ARROW Boost Colour Enhancing Lip Balm - Berry Busy - £11.00. I've had a similar product to this before in my Birchbox and hated it, however this time around, I think I'm swayed. The previous was a good balm, I just wasn't a fan of the colour I ended up with. This time around is a little more me, and a little more subtle. Perfect for those no make up days where you want to be kind to your skin and lips. 



Ella Eden Compact Eye Shadow - Faith - £12.99. Maybe I've turned into a makeup snob, but this felt very 'drugstore' to me. I've been obsessed with Too Faced shadows of late, so the first thing I noticed was no lovely smell. I know smell shouldn't be a huge priority for something that goes on eyes, but I really did miss it.


If I'm honest, the product wasn't the easiest to work with, it didn't want to blend with any of my brushes, and it creased pretty quick after application. It's a shame really, as the pigmentation and colour were pretty lovely once I'd managed to apply it. 


Whittard of Chelsea - Free. Our freebie was tea! We got Earl Grey, Mango & Bergamot, and a Lemon and ginger to try. I'm a huge lover of tea so was pretty excited to have these. 


None of the selection were something I've never tried, but I'll never be disappointed with tea. We also got a voucher to use with Whittard, and having had a look.... their products are amazing. I can't wait to get ordering, and fear hitting the minimum spend will be far, far too easy...



Overall, I didn’t love, and I didn’t hate this months box. There were elements, such as the tea and the tin that were brilliant, but the rest of the contents, whilst not disappointing, didn’t leave me wow’d.

















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