April lookback

May 1, 2018

Well, if I'm totally honest April hasn't been fantastic, or particularly eventful, so I'm pretty glad that we've moved into May. The beginning of the month was cold, rainy and quite frankly shitty weather, which is a little disheartening for what is allegedly meant to be spring.


I think the weather dampened my mood somewhat, and contributed to another cold and chest infection. Given that I'm very asthmatic,  I get really knocked back by any kind of chest infection, so to have had another one so soon is rubbish.





I also, somehow, managed to totally ruin my lower back. I woke up on a Saturday to find it twinging a little bit, assumed I'd slept funny on it and carried on with my day like normal. Then by the Sunday morning I was in absolute agony. I couldn't sit up, and couldn't roll from one side to the other. I don't even want to talk about how long it took me to put my socks on... (spoiler alert, I gave up after one).


This meant another football session missed not to mention two days off work in bed. Thankfully it seems to have recovered now. I just wish I knew what set it off, so I can steer clear of doing it again!



The weather started to pick up a little towards the middle of the month, so we went on a little road trip to the coast to mess around in the arcade and spend some time in the fresh air. As it transpires, the only person in our group who can't drive a car, did the best on any of the driving related games. Not sure what that says for the rest of us....  


The improved weather also meant that we also got to have a BBQ and spend some time in the sun, which for me was much needed! 



At the end of the month our little group went on a weekend away to Lincoln, which was pretty good fun. It was nice to get out and go to different places, as nights out in Norwich can get pretty boring with the same faces and same places. We found a Bierkeller, so could dance the night away up on the tables - which given my heels was a little precarious, but thankfully I didn't fall off, which for someone as clumsy as me is an achievement in itself. 


I have to say, I was extremely glad I'd booked the Monday off work to recover! Needless to say I'd have been pretty grumpy if I'd gone to work on the Monday. 





Because my brother and I co-own a flat, and Mike has sold his so we can go into saving mode the three of us are all currently living together, and at the moment it's really, really grating on me. Sadly my brother isn't particularly proactive when it comes to, well, anything really. 


I'm finding more and more that housework and food is being pushed to Mike and I, which has been getting increasingly more annoying. It came to a bit of a head when my brother refused to take his turn and cook dinner one night, despite the fact the previous NINE evenings either Mike or I had done it. I'll admit, I flew of the handle into a bit of a rage (something I can sometimes be prone to do) but the excuse of "I've had a long day at work" just doesn't cut it. I don't care, so has everyone else, deal with it.


Needless to say, he did then cook, but it really shouldn't be a battle to get someone to pull their weight when you are living with others. One evening Mike and I went out for dinner, so because we obviously didn't cook for him, he ate two packs of crisps rather than do an actual meal, and then announced he was hungry when we got home... It's making me feel like I've taken on some weird role as parent to make sure the house runs smoothly and everyone gets fed, which quite frankly isn't my job. 


I always figured this kind of problem was a bit of a student thing, and not as prominent when it comes to adult housemates, so I'm really struggling with it. To the point that I debated renting out my room and just moving out, but that would seriously hinder our ability to save. We've not been paying our mortgage long enough to look at selling, which makes me feel really trapped at the moment. With a wedding to save for too, I really can't see a time in the near future when it's going to be just Mike and I again, which is frustrating. 


If anyone has any suggestions for dealing with housemates, I'd really love to hear them! 



I've been (around my illness and injury) trying to get a little more consistent with the gym and my eating this month, partly in a bid to stop being ill all the time but also to help me on the field when I play American Football.


I'm looking to try to improve my fitness and lean up a little, which has meant that I've actually had to step on the scales for the first time in about four years. That's right, I haven't weighed myself for four years, but that story is for another post I think. 


Either way, I've been making some steady progress, which is nice, considering I can't honestly say I've been putting in a huge amount of effort so far. Plus it gives me a wonderful excuse to go clothes shopping! Not that I usually need one... 



Well, that just about rounds up my April. We've got a few bits planned for May already,  and if the weather improves we should be able to get out and enjoy the sun a little more, which will hopefully give me a little more to report on next time. 


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