March look back

April 3, 2018

Can you believe we're now in April!? We're a quarter of the way through the year now, but it feels like its only been weeks!


Not gonna lie, I've lived like a little bit of a hermit for a lot of last month, mainly down to the fact that my first pay since returning to work wasn't until towards the end of March - My first pay since November! Although this brings me quite nicely onto what is probably my highlight of the first quarter; NEW JOB!


New Job

Yep, I started my new job, at a local Reinsurance Broker. Whilst the first week was somewhat disrupted by all the snow we had, and I didn't work a full day at all, subsequent weeks have been more 'normal'. I'm absolutely loving it so far. It's a small office, with none of the overly 'corporate' vibe I found in my old job. Everyone is really friendly, I've got a laptop and phone to work from home if I wish, and I'm given the freedom to actually do my job.



Annoyingly, I missed a few sessions due to a crappy chest injection and cold... so that combined with the Easter break means I haven't played as much American Football as I would like. This is getting rather annoying, and I feel like its hindering me with recovering my confidence in tackling. I dislocated my shoulder and fractured my collarbone in a tackle a few years ago, and haven't really recovered my confidence with tacking yet. In fact, at the moment I actually prefer to be hit! 


I did thoroughly enjoy the session I did go to however with a lot of work around blocking, and block escape (apparently I block pretty well). This has helped a bit, and I'm grateful my coaches are being so patient with me. 



We had a good ol' giggle as a team, and even managed to get some slow motion clips of some of the drills, which are pretty fun to watch back! 


We also did a little bit of cardio work, as we've all signed up to join 5 local park runs (in full kit) to raise money for EACH. Our first one being 21st April...If you want to find out more, or find out where we'll be and when just follow the link here. I'm getting a little nervous as we get closer to it, I haven't attempted to run any kind of distance in years, let alone in full football kit!



This isn't so much something I did, but Mike passed his bike test! He can now finally ride the Harley! Its just a shame we haven't really had the weather for it... 


I'm even contemplating doing the same myself... so think maybe a CBT is on the horizon!? Watch this space! 



We have actually started kind of planning now, which is exciting, with a destination in mind - Greece. This seems to have met a little resistance from both sides of the family. Fortunately its from a mainly practical point of view, rather than anything negative. 


My own family because people 'might not want to travel' and Mike's because we've got an adult only guest list, and some partners and his stepdad are not invited. Are we being unreasonable? I don't think so. 


We're looking at the late summer of 2019, which could even be pushed back to 2020 if it takes us longer to save, or cost changes, so its not like people don't have notice to save for flights and accommodation. As for no children, we are trying to limit our guest list to no more than 20, so we need to be a bit ruthless with our list. Our provisional quote is for 20 people, with an additional charge of £175 PER PERSON we go over... which is a lot of money to pay for someone who isn't close to either of us. Mike doesn't get on  with his stepdad, and so £175 seems rather a lot of money to pay to not talk to someone all day.. 


Luckily, aside from the practical points, my family are being pretty good. Mum is managing my Dad who has a tendency to try and take over sometimes, and is being an absolute star.


Friend time 

At the very end of the month I did manage to have a spontaneous steak and cocktail night with the girls. It had started off as just a glass of wine at home, then turned into a meal out, and kind of kept going from there.



Mike and his lot were out as well, so it was nice to do our own separate things and then all meet up later in the evening.



This is progressing quite nicely. I've had two collaborations now, one with EyeWake which you can read about here if you missed it, and another that will be going up shortly, so keep an eye out. I didn't think I'd have any collaborations for a very long time, so to have two when the blog has been running for under 6 months is something I'm pretty pleased about. 



Hopefully I'll have more to report in my April look back... including how do at Park Run! Eeek! 







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