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April 6, 2018

I've always been pretty mindful when it comes to my teeth and oral hygiene, and I'm pretty sure its part of the reason I'm be able to brag about having no fillings at the age of 26. Given the amount of sugar I used to get through as a teenager and young adult (I used to have 8 sugars in my coffee for example) this in itself is pretty impressive. 


Nevertheless, a healthy white, glowing smile is always important. I mean, think about when you go on a night out, you go to all that effort with hair, makeup, deciding what to wear... a bright smile is equally as important though right? Right! So when MIST LONDON contacted me to try their new activated charcoal teeth whitening powder, I was more than happy to oblige. 




So, lets have a look at what this product claims to do shall we?


The base form of product boasts to whiten teeth naturally, as the super fine powder not only scrubs away stains, but the charcoal will bind with and absorb surface stains, assisting in their removal. It is said to help prevent bacteria growth in the mouth and leave your teeth feeling fresh and clean.

You don't have to buy plain though, you can have Berry, Lime or Mint activated charcoal, each giving a slightly different additional benefit, on top of what the plain charcoal already gives. I had one pot of plain, and the other was berry activated, which I found to have a very mild berry scent and taste.


The powder uses natural ingredients, suitable for those with sensitive teeth. It is cruelty free, and suitable for vegans.


How to use

I've come across similar products before, so dove right into the Berry activated charcoal without a second thought. The one thing I would say is be very careful when you open the pot for the first time. A powder that's been in transit isn't going to be sat all at the bottom of the pot, and given how light the powder is, it would be easy to make a mess if you're not careful.


Using is easy, you simply run your toothbrush under the tap, shake off excess water and carefully dip the brush into the powder. From there you just brush your teeth like you would with a toothpaste in gentle circles for around two to three minutes. I would recommend leaning low over the sink with the tap running to catch any spillage when you first start brushing. Keep rinsing the brush under the tap in between brushing until your mouth is clear of black powder. 


Although its entirely up to you, I would recommend using a different toothbrush when using the charcoal. It will wash off, at first, but after a few uses, the colour does start to stain, and will eventually leave you with a black toothbrush! To be fair though, they do state this on their website, so prior warning is given. 


Again, it is optional whether of not you brush your teeth with normal toothpaste after use. You don't need to, your mouth and teeth are clean, but if I use this in the morning, I'll use some mouth wash after to achieve a minty taste. 



I noticed a difference in my teeth after the very first use. Not a huge amount in the colour, this has been more of a gradual change, but in the cleanliness of my mouth. I did get a tiny amount of bleeding from my gums on the very first use, but not any other time I used the charcoal - this was clearly the removal of plaque I hadn't been getting to in my usual routine, plus, I think I was a little heavy handed. 


Would I buy it? Yes, I would. It does what it says it will, and for just under a tenner you can't really go wrong can you? 


If you'd like to check them out for yourself, or have a look at some of their other products, head over to their website here


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