Eyewake Unique Formula Collagen Gel

March 12, 2018

Up until very recently, I've been very lucky when it comes to eye bags. I haven't felt the need to use any special products, and can even get away with not using a concealer most of the time. 


In the last few months however, not only have I noticed I am needing to cover up dark circles more and more, but I'm also starting to get the dreaded fine lines under my eyes. 


As you would imagine, when Eyewake approached me to try out their new product, that claims to target puffy eyes, dark circles and fine lines I was more than happy to oblige. 



The product itself is 100% natural, and rich in Omegas, Vitamins and Antioxidants. This gel has also never been tested on animals, which for many people, myself included is a plus.   


Not only that, but for every bottle sold, a donation is made to Women's Aid, a charity dedicated to helping Women and Children in need against Domestic Abuse. 


To apply, simply pump the clear gel from the bottle and gently pat into the skin. Always remember to never rub products into the under eye area, and instead use your ring finger (your most gentle finger) to pat the product over the skin, and allow it to be absorbed by the skin. 


The gel feels cooling on application, which I was rather a fan of, especially on days where I had tired eyes, and sinks into the skin quickly. I found that I only needed a tiny amount of product, not even a full pumps worth,  as a little goes a pretty long way. Given how little product I need every time I use this, I imagine this bottle will last me quite some time!


After a few days continued use, the skin around my eyes has felt much firmer, and my fine lines certainly look a lot softer. I've been using this both morning and evening, and haven't found this to interfere with my usual makeup routine at all, which was an important factor to me. 


In fact, I would go so far as to say that makeup application to the eye area is easier with the gel applied underneath. It creates a smoother base, (helped by primer of course) has helped prevent creasing of my other products, and leaves a more airbrushed look. 


Would I buy it? At £34.95 for 30ml, I wouldn't usually have looked to purchase this product, but having tried to out myself, the price is certainly more justifiable, and I think I'll be looking to get another once I've finished this bottle. 


Have you tried EyeWake? What were your thoughts?





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