My flat lay progress

March 7, 2018

As most of you will know, I haven’t been running a blog for very long at all, so I’m very much still learning. With a lot of trial and error.


One thing I have learned however, is that social media is crucial for getting more traffic to your blog. Rather than trying to juggle the development of more than one at once, I thought I’d focus on just one for now: Instagram. 


Given that its almost entirely visual, I have had to work on my photos, which to be honest, weren't great to start off with. In fact, below is on of the first 'flat-lays' I ever posted. If you would even go so far as to call it that... 


You won't even find this on my Instagram, as I was still using my personal account for these - which looked pretty messy when mixed with my day to day posts, hence the recent creation of a dedicated account. 


The item I was trying to showcase is obvious, as its the only thing in the picture, making this a pretty boring image. The rest of my photos for this particular post, were pretty much the same, just with the brush and lid moved around... 



So, I decided to have a look through what other bloggers were posting on their Instagram pages, and quickly realised that I needed that I needed to fill my photos a bit more. 


I started to photograph items together, to make them a little more interesting. For example, here is a photo I used for my review of the December Birchbox. 



I still wasn't overly happy with the photos, so I did a little more research. The most helpful thing I came across was a YouTube video from Lady Writes Blog. In her video, Chloe talks a lot about lighting, and the type of editing that she uses. she also mentions props to add to your photo to 'fill' the image a bit more.  


I had a few things down, such as a good background (I use wood on all my photos, for a bit of consistency) and I was starting to use props, but my lighting and filters were an issue.


I wasn't using the best lighting, and the filter I had chosen to give a 'warm' feel was distorting the colour of products, and making the final image look a lot darker. 


So. I started to utilize natural light, and used another light source for a little extra brightness. I no longer apply a filter, and instead just play with the light contrast a little. 

Plus, I'm actually using PROPS now!


Below are two of my more recent photos that I'm pretty happy with:





Don't get me wrong, my images still aren't perfect, or amazing by any means, but I like to think I've made some pretty good progress since my first few photos at the end of last year. 


What do you think? Do you have any go to tips for flat-lays?






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