January and February look back

March 1, 2018

This is my second look back, and once again I’m combining two months together (I really must remember to do these more often!) 



My look back this time around won’t be quite as sunshine and rainbows as my last one, not gonna lie, January and February have been hard. I always believe however, that if you are going to share about yourself, you should share both the good with the bad, to give a balanced picture.



As many of you will know, I spent the entirety of December, and a fair bit of January in the USA and Canada with my fiance. It was a truly fantastic experience, and one I will never forget. 


It has however meant that upon returning to the UK, I’ve had to get back to my real life responsibilities. The main and most pressing one being to get a job, as we are functioning on Mike’s income alone.

Job hunting in itself wasn’t challenging, I knew what I wanted and have the experience and qualifications I need, but it still put a huge stress on me. Trying to balence getting something as soon as possible, whilst still trying to achieve a good pay packet hasn’t been easy in the little city of Norwich. I won’t go into huge detail on what I did to help get employed, as you can read it in my recent post here


I’m pleased to say I’ve now started my new job, for a reinsurance broker. A mere ten minutes walk from my home, a friendly new team and a slight pay rise compared to my old job is wonderful news. Things have really turned around toward the end of February, and since starting work again I feel like a huge stress has been lifted. 




A positive to coming home was to see my lovely Spears again! Before going away I hadn’t really played much American football, due to an injury - not football related I must add!


Getting back on the field in full health again has been fantastic. With so many new joiners this season, we’ve been going from the basics, which has really helped build my confidence back up, and is slowly getting me back to the standard I was at. 




It was Mike's 30th in February! 


Given my lack of income, I was so glad I'd planned ahead and put money aside. His main present was a Harley Davidson jacket for his motorbike, which he chose himself while we were out in the USA. 


However, I didn't want that to be all he got, and really wanted him to have something to open on his actual birthday. I got him a few little bits, the favorite of which was a handy beard comb from The Killing Tree. Hopefully now he'll stop stealing my brushes to use on his face...



I finally feel like things are starting to move with my blog, and if you’ve been watching my Instagram, you’ll see I’ve been making a conscious effort to post more often. 


Here’s hoping it brings more traffic and subscribers to my page in the coming months! 



That just about wraps up my previous two months - tragic, I know. Here's hoping I'll have more to tell you at the end of March!



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