Valentines chocolate pots

February 13, 2018

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day; long awaited for some, and dreaded for others. 

No matter how you spend your Valentine’s Day, everyone deserves a treat every now and again, and what better than chocolate?!


I’m actually not doing these for Valentine’s, as it was Mike’s birthday yesterday, I did them as a surprise for him. Nevertheless, I thought these would be perfect for those wanting to treat their loved ones at home.





  • 250g of any chocolate you like, I’ve chosen dairy milk 

  • 150ml single or double cream cream 

  • strawberries 




Break up the chocolate and put into a glass bowl, which in turn is in a pan of hot to boiling water. I actually use a glass jug, as the handle doesn’t get hot, and makes things a little easier later.


Gently melt the chocolate, and keep siring until totally smooth.



Once smooth, add the cream little by little and stir constantly. Once you have combined all of the cream and chocolate, pour into 4 containers of your choice. 


You can use whatever you like, mugs, ramekins, but for me, I think cocktail glasses look the best. 



Now all you need to do is pop in the fridge for around an hour and a half. By then, your desert should have set, but if you want to check, just give it a little wiggle; the contents should remain where it is.


Just before you are ready to serve, cut a strawberry from the bottom, to about half way, and pop over the edge of your glass.


If you wish, place the glass on a pretty plate, with more chopped strawberries - perfect for dipping! 



Viola! You now have a tasty chocolate desert, that took next to no effort to make. Just make sure you share! 




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