My progress on giving up coffee

January 26, 2018

That’s right, for the past 3 weeks I’ve started to give up coffee, and it’s been every bit as hard as you’d think it would be. 


Why do you ask? Well, I’m starting to focus a little more on my health, and my caffeine addiction is something I’ve been meaning to address, so it seems a logical step.


On the average work day, I’d get through at least 12 cups of coffee. That’s right, 12. Now, they were the small paper cups, not a full size mug, but that’s still far too much. 



My sleep was suffering because of it, I felt dehydrated a lot of the time, which meant my skin was suffering too. What really gave me the push, was my time spent travelling; I’d start to get headaches every few hours, because I hadn’t drink coffee recently.


With this in mind, I knew I wouldn’t be able to quit old turkey. So, I've been cutting down, limiting myself to 1 or 2 a day. The headaches are going, and without the constant supply of caffeine, my sleep is improving. I’m even noticing a difference in my skin. As I’ve replaced the coffee with water, my skin has become a lot clearer. 


My brain feels less foggy, and all in all I feel good. 


The last few days I haven’t had coffee at all, and to be honest, I’m not missing it as much as I thought it would be. 


So I’m pleased to report, my self set challenge is going well. Better than I’d thought. 


Does anyone else have any goals? How are they going? 


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