Things I hate about Instagram

January 23, 2018

Let’s face it, we all have a bit of a love / hate relationship with Instagram. 


I love scrolling through and discovering new people and blogs to follow. There’s also a lot of joy to be had in gazing at a beautifully put together flat lay.


However, there are a few elements of Instagram that just get to me, that is what this post is about, along with some (hopefully) handy tips I’ve found I help overcome them. 






From reading other blog posts, I’m certainly not alone with this one; people who follow you, only to unfollow the next day. 


Presumably, they are hoping for a follow back, and are using this method as a means to grow their own following. However, it’s annoying, rude, and probably one of my biggest gripes.


I can’t say I’ve found a way to stop this, but I have found a way to level the playing field a little. With the help of an app called Reports+ I can see exactly who these people are, and return the favour.


Petty? Probably. But it makes me feel better. 


Using photos without giving credit 


It’s something I’ve seen around, but didn’t think it would be something I’d have a problem with until my photo quality improved. I was wrong. 


People posting photos that are not theirs, and not giving credit to the original poster. In my case, I left a comment on the copy of my photo, giving credit back to myself, only for the comment to be removed... 


Come on! Sure, it’s kind of flattering that you like a photo enough to post it yourself, but give credit where it’s due, someone has probably worked hard to put that together, and they deserve at least a credit back. 


The only way I can see this being prevented, or at least discouraged is to pop a small watermark with your name on photos, which I’ve seen several people do. As I said, it’s not something I’d thought I’d need to do for some time, but it’s something I’ll consider going forward. 



Creepy messages


This is something I’ve found more on my personal account than my blog account ; weird men messaging.


This isn’t a follower interaction, which I’m absolutely fine with. No, it’s more along the lines of “hey, *insert generic compliment* wanna chat?” Usually accompanied by a wink emoji of some kind.


No, no I don’t. If you’ve seen my profile, you’ll see that I’m engaged, plus, it’s creepy. So no random internet stranger, I do not want to ‘chat’.


This is a fairly easy fix, and I’ve taken to either ignoring them, or blocking them. Although blocking works better, as the former earns me a “???” message, as if my lack of response wasn’t an answer in itself...


Irrelevant comments 


Commenting on a photo is absolutely fine, but some people seem to do so without looking at the photo or the caption.


I’m assuming this isn’t so much an individual putting these comments, but more computer generated. 


An example for this for me was putting a sad post about the death of my dog, Misty, for someone to post “neat!”

No, it’s not neat. Not at all. 


I’m assuming the poster of this comment realised their error as a few hours later the comment was gone. 


Too many hashtags


I’ll admit, I’m quite possibly being a little hypocritical here, as I do include a far few hashtags in my caption. This is something I’ll look to curb by perhaps putting the majority in a comment, as I’ve seen a few people do.


It just gets a little overpowering when you have a couple of lines of text, followed by reems of hashtags. 



What irks you about Instagram? Does anyone have any helpful advice I’ve not covered? 

Or if you’ve put together a similar post, link it into the comments, so I can have a read! 


Em x






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