January Birchbox - Ohh Deer

January 15, 2018

I can’t believe how fast time is going by, and that it’s January already! 


This means many things for many people, but for me, it means the first Birchbox of the year! 


This month the team have collaborated with Ohh Deer, a quirky stationary brand - because who doesn’t love stationary?!

They’ve got some really lovely stationary (and a sale on) so check them out.



First up in my box was the full size Lord & Berry blusher crayon in Peach. Retailing at £15, this blush boasts to be easy to apply. Just scribble on the apples of your cheeks and blend with your finger. 


This really didn’t work for me. As much as I tried to blend the product, some of it just didn’t want to go, meaning I could still see the lines I’d scribbled when applying. 

I tried a heavier hand, and just found it smudged the makeup I had on under. If I put it on first, my Estée Lauder completely covers it. 


It’s a real shame, as this is a really pretty matte shade. From looking at other reviews, it would seem I’m not the only one having trouble.



The next product I tried was the Marcelle waterproof eyeliner in Charcoal, which can be purchased for £10.99 on Birchbox. 


I’m always one for black eyeliner, but nevertheless gave this a try, thinking it will be great for a smokey eye look. 


I tried applying to the waterline, but this liner just didn’t want to take. So instead looked to apply above my lash line on my top lashes. I wasn’t overly impressed. The pencil creates some drag, and needs to be layered significantly. I can’t say after using I’d ever purchase this, and will stick with higher pigmented pencils and liners. 



The next item was somewhat disappointing before I even gave it a fair chance - Parlor moisturising sea salt spray, retailing at £17.

We’ve had SO MANY salt, sugar and volumising sprays, I just couldn’t believe we’ve been sent another one. Seriously, I have a draw full of them! 


That being said, a good spray with a nice scent. It didn’t clog or make my hair sticky, and does what it claims. 



Moving on to the next item; Thermaliv night cream, RRP £15.75 on Birtchbox. 


Containing sea chamomile to boost collagen production, and vitamin E to soothe, this cream is intended to work while you sleep, as the name suggests. 


I’ve been using this cream for almost a week now, and I’m rather undecided. In the morning when I’ve gone through my morning routine, my skin does indeed feel nourished. However, I’m not keen on the texture.


I typically use Nuxe products, which I can’t feel on my skin once they’ve sunk in, whereas this I can. Even when I wake the next morning, I still feel like there’s a residue. 


I did wonder if maybe I was using too much, but changing my quantity hasn’t made a difference. I think I’ll continue to use the sample, but won’t look to replace it after that.



This last product I was pretty excited about when I had a sneak peek at my box contents; Afterspa amazing makeup remover, available at £5.50 from Birtchbox. 


This ultra-soft cloth boasts to be able to remove makeup using only water. That’s right, no removers of any kind needed! 


I was a little annoyed about the fact that I couldn’t use this straight away, as you have to machine wash it first. Seriously, could it not be sent ready to use? 


That being said, it does work pretty well, even with waterproof make up. I’ll admit, I don’t full rely on it when removing my Estée Lauder, but that was something I’d half expected. 


One cloth should last up to 1,000 washes, so I’d say it pretty good value for money. 



If you’ve seen my latest reviews of the November and December Birtchbox, you’ll understand why this one was rather disappointing. 


Considering Birtchbox teamed up with a stationary company, I can’t really see where there’s a theme. The products aren’t fantastic, and we’ve had duplicates of things we’ve had already. I’d expected far better considering it’s the first box of 2018z


Let’s hope next month is more like those at the end of last year! 


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