Onto new things - Goodbye 2017, hello 2018!

January 5, 2018

Is it just me, or has the past year flown by?! So much has happened, with so much more in the future to look forward to. 


2017 is by far one of the best years for me. Sure, I’ve had plenty of down times; the loss of not one, but two grandparents in a short space of time, my injury that knocked me out of football, not to mention my various health complications, it’s certainly been hard. However, these have in no way overshadowed all the positive things that have happened over the past year.



Let’s have a look at some of the things I’ve done in the last year;


  • I moved into my first house that I own - this was technically over a year ago, December 2016, but I’m counting it!

  • Got engaged to the love of my life.

  • Brought a new car - one that I have always wanted, and not just purchased out of practicality.

  • Finished my last exam for my cert CII - this took me way too long, as I really struggled to get the motivation to actually book the exams! 

  • Quit my job - a rather scary step for me, but it was my only option to achieve the next point.

  • Went travelling in the USA and Canada - we’ve been in the USA for a month now!  


It’s been a busy year, that’s for sure! It’ll certainly be a difficult one to top!   



I’m not really one for New Years resolutions. I’m more of the opinion that if you want to change something you should do it there and then, rather than wait. 


That being said, I do still think about what I want to do and achieve in the coming year. I’ve certainly got plenty to do and plan for! 


First, and most importantly, I need to find myself a new job when I return home. Given my qualifications and experience in the insurance industry, this (hopefully) won’t take me too long. 


Now that my shin injury has healed to a point that I can now run without pain, I’ll be back playing American Football again - something I am very excited about! 


Mike and I have got some saving to do, as we’ll be looking to get married in 2019... although we really do need to work out budget first! 


I’ll be taking the time to focus on my health more this year. As you would expect, this American food has taken its toll on me... I don’t think I’ve gained a lot of weight, but I certainly don’t feel as good as when I’m eating well. I’ll take the opportunity to give myself a kick into eating better and going to the gym more. 


That’s not all I’ll focus on however, I’ll be making an effort to get more water in, and reduce my coffee intake. I consume far too much caffeine, and it’s probably the reason I don’t sleep particularly well. 


So I guess in a way, my “things to think about” for the year are pretty in line with typical New Years resolutions! 


Do any of you have any goals for 2018? If so, pop them in a comment below, I’d love to hear them! 



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