Getting back into good habits - Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake

January 30, 2018

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, and yet it’s always been the one that I find myself skipping. I’m just simply not a morning person, and I’d much rather hit snooze a couple of times than get up and actually get myself fed. Even if I could pluck up the motivation to get up at a reasonable time, I really struggle to manage food until I’ve been up at least a few hours.  


Knowing it was a habit I should probably do something about, I had a look online for quick, healthy options and stumbled across Nutribuddy, who provide a wide variety of breakfasts, meal replacements and supplements. It was the breakfast shakes that caught my eye, and I quickly found myself ordering some. 



The breakfast shakes are made up of a nutritious blend of organic oats, coconut and seeds. With the following flavours to choose from:


- Plain

- Vanilla 

- Chocolate Brownie 

- Strawberry (this ones brand new!)


These handy shakes are gluten, sugar, soy and lactose free, along with being suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Whilst none of these factors are specific to me, it’s nice that they cater to such a wide variety of people.



Not being able to settle on a flavour, I opted for both the vanilla, and chocolate brownie. 


My new shake arrived quickly and well packaged (I'd been a little worried about the glass jar). The clip top glass jar is sturdy and nice to look at in my kitchen. 


To use, you simply add 3 scoops, to 300-400ml of milk or milk substitute. I’ve tried with both normal milk, as well as coconut milk, and both are wonderful, although I seem to be going more for coconut milk now I’ve got into the routine. 


As you would expect, given what it’s made of, you do get solid bits of seeds / coconut / oats, but overall the consistency is pretty smooth. 



Since having one of these every morning for the past few months (excluding my time in the USA) I’ve found I have far more energy. I’m not starving by lunch time, and I don’t need to snack throughout the day anywhere near as much as I used to. This also works as a nice meal replacement on days where I just don’t feel hungry, but don’t want to go without eating. 


I’ve also been feeling far less bloated, which is certainly an added bonus!! It’s hard to say if I’ve lost any weight from having these, as I haven’t stepped on a scales in about 4 years. That being said I do feel as though I have got a little smaller. 


These shakes have certainly helped me kick start my goal of making small, manageable changes to get that little bit more healthy. I’ll absolutely be continuing with these, and can’t wait to get my hands on their new flavour! 



What do you do for breakfast? 

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