November My Little Box - Sunday Edition

November 27, 2017

Created in Paris, with a surprise theme each month, My Little Box aims to send a monthly mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle pieces, all with a French twist. 


The theme for this months box, was Sunday’s. 



Sadly the unveiling of this box was somewhat shadowed by doom and gloom, thanks to a card on the outside of the box;



That’s right. I’m gutted to report, that after only being a subscriber for 3 months, My Little Box is coming to an end. 


There is, I suppose, a slight silver lining here for me personally. As I’ve recently quit my job, to fulfill my dream of travelling round the USA, I need to keep a close eye on my outgoings. 

This means I need to give up one of my two subscription boxes. This eliminates the need for me to choose between the two, as I love them both. 


Anyway, I’m sure you want to read about what we got in the final box now? Let’s get started then.


The first item I unearthed was the ‘eat your words’ biscuit stamp. A slightly strange item I must say. I can’t honestly say that I do a lot of cookie maki g on chill out Sundays. In fact, I don’t do a lot of baking full stop. 


I could change it up a bit and use this stamp for ink perhaps? It could be a nice addition on present tags, to add a personal touch. 

My younger sister however, loves baking, so I think I’ll be passing this set her way. 


On top of the stamps I found ‘13 grams of happiness’ in the form of a hazelnut chocolate bar. Naturally I am a lover of chocolate, and the bar was tasty, but it was so tiny I’d finished it in 2-3 bites. It was a great little pick me up, but didn’t quite curb my chocolate cravings. 



Next up was the ‘let’s not go out’ microfibre turban. It’s a lovely soft turban with ‘Sunday Mornings’ embroided in baby pink on the side. 


Sadly, my hair is dyed red, and the turban is white... if I use this I’ll colour it pink and ruin it. My sister colours her hair dark blue, so I can’t even pass it on to her either, which is a shame. 



Let’s move on to the Cica repair balm by Mixa, RRP £5.99 for 50ml in Superdrug. 


As pointed out on the information card in the box, the packaging isn’t the most attractive. That’s not something that would bother me if the product is worthwhile, but I’m undecided as to whether this is or not. 


The balm is intended to intensly care for and soothe fragile skin. Containing vitamin B5 to combat redness, seal cracked skin and lock in H20. I decided to try it first on my feet.

Years of wearing football boots (with poor socks in the first few) has forced me to pay more attention to my feet. I can’t say this balm really made any more of a difference than any other foot cream. 


I tried it on the rest of my body, and whilst I feel it put more moisture into my skin, I wasn’t keen. It’s not a particularly light weight product, and after the product had sunk in, I could still feel a coating of sorts on my skin. 


I’ll probably save this for extreme cases of dry skin, but can’t say this is something I’d go out of my way to buy. 



Next is the My Little Beauty face mask power. A rather strange item really. I can’t say I’ve come across a face mask that you need to mix yourself, other than a tea based mask I used once, that left my skin red and sore.


Luckily, this didn’t happen with this mask, although I did find it a bit of a faff to mix. You need three capfuls of water with half a capful of power. Problem is, it asks you to measure out the water first, meaning the cap is then wet, and you have to diligently dry it before you can even think about measuring the powder. 


Whilst it left my skin feeling nice, I much prefer my Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask. 



I thought I’d save my favourite item for last. Make Up For Ever microfinishing loose powder. 


Sadly even this came with its drawbacks as well. We got a 1g sample, which is fine, it is a sample after all, but the cap is too small to swirl a large brush in to use the powder. I found myself tipping the powder into the cap of a finishing powder I already own, somewhat defeating the point...


That being said, it’s a good finishing powder, that I got on really well with.  It kept my makeup in place all day, and I’ll certainly carry on using it. 



All in all, I can’t say I am thrilled with the contents of this box. With me using only half the products I really don’t feel like I got my money’s worth out of it.

As a last box, I’d really hoped it would be the best yet, to go out on a high, but in fact it’s probably the only box I’ve not been impressed with. 


They did send us all an email, enabling us to enter into a competition to potentially win a make up forever colour pallet, two refills, a highlighter, a blush and two lipsticks... but UK postcodes didn’t work when filling in your details.

This bug has been fixed, however, I only know this from checking every few days, the team haven’t actually let their customers know, which is disappointing. 


As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I was in need to cancel one of my subcription boxes. If this one wasn’t already being discontinued, it would sadly be this one. 


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